Roland Black Series JACK Mono - JACK Mono 6.00m

20,70 €

Straight 1/4-inch connectors, 6 m length. Also available in 1 m (RIC-B3), 3 m (RIC-B10), 4.5 m (RIC-B15), and 7.5 m (RIC-B25) lengths.

Roland’s Black Series instrument cables deliver professional performance and exceptional value. Our multi-strand, oxygen-free copper core wire translates the true tones of your instrument, while high-density spiral shielding eliminates unwanted noise. Incorporating high-quality connectors and a low-capacitance design, these rugged cables give you pure, natural, and accurate sound everywhere you play.


  • Heavy-duty 1/4-inch connectors
  • High-density spiral copper shielding
  • Low-capacitance design ensures full frequency reproduction and maximum dynamic response
Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
ΣειράBlack Series
Μήκος6.00 m
Βύσμα 1Αρσενικό Jack Μονοφωνικό
Βύσμα 2Αρσενικό Jack Μονοφωνικό
Ιδανικό γιαΜουσικά όργανα