SOUNDSATION Go-Link 2 RCA Male - 2 XLR Male 1.00m

8,90 €

Unbalanced adapter cable 2xRCA male - 2xXLR male / 1m

2xRCA male - 2xXLR male, moulded connectors
O.F.C. construction
Wire diameter 2x1x0.14 mm² and fine wire stranding for hi quality transmission
Cable diameter: 4.0mmx8.0mm
Copper spiral shielding (90%) for noiseless performances
Every conductor is insulated and individually shielded
Individual stranding ensures flexibility
Application: multipurpose connections
Length: 1m

Wire diameter: 2x1x0.14mm²
Cable diameter: 4.0mmx8.0mm
Shielding: 90%
2xRCA male - 2xXLR male

Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
Type Adapter Cable
Length 1.00 m
Plug 1 Male RCA
Plug 2 Male XLR
Transmission Audio
Ideal for General Purposes