SOUNDSATION HFWB05L 5 Liter Medium Density

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Medium Density Hazer Fluid

SOUNDSATION HFWB05L Medium Density Hazer Fluid is a water-based fluid suitable for any hazer machine equipped with a heater block. Its density is much lower than a normal smoke liquid; the dispersion is extremely slow with excellent stability. It is a product suitable to create a light but persistent fog able to enhance the light beams of any fixtures and other lighting effects in movie and entertainment contexts. The dark blue color is pleasant and leaves no traces of any kind on clothes or surfaces while the smoke produced is light white. The scent is neutral and pleasant and leaves no trace after the dissolution. You can also add one of the many SOUNDSATION fragrances to recreate atmospheres that can range from tropical fruits, flowers and fragrant plants. The HFWB05L is manufactured according to strict production processes and strict controls during all its phases, and meets all the European regulatory requirements. It is available in 5L tanks.

  • Dispersion: Quite Long
  • Density: Soft Atmosphere
  • Color: Dark Purple
  • For Color: Clear White
  • Scent: Neutral
  • Package: 5L Tank

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