Have a listen to the Roland VR-09 and find out why it is much more than an organ. We have a full overview video and article coming next week so stay tuned ;)

Guitar players love finely tuned vintage tube amps, and for good reason. They sound great, with sweet clean and distortion tones and big, open, transparent sound. On top of that, they also feel great to play, putting an interactive responsiveness under your fingers that directly connects your musical ideas with the sound. This experience is so transcendent that we gladly put up with the downsides of tube amps—they’re expensive, fragile, costly to maintain, and weigh a ton! But now, there’s another choice. Powered by Roland’s breakthrough Tube Logic design approach, the new Blues Cube Artist and Blues Cube Stage deliver authentic tube sound and feel in practical modern amps built for pro players.

Davy Knowles and Roy Gaines Jam with the Roland Blues Cube