Michael - Auf 8 Saiten Op.89 & CD

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Frank Michael's duets are conceived for young as well as older beginning students. Both cycles are designed with contrasting sounds and can essentially be played in the first position. The pieces specifically call for techniques that are uncommon among beginners, such as pizzicato, glissando, col legno battuto and harmonics. The "String Games" are very easy and perfectly suited to children. The closing cycle "On 8 Strings" was written shortly before the other pieces and is intended to give students "the experience of having fun with acrobatics, enjoying all kinds of sonorities, including 'forbidden' ones, making a more unusual use of the instrument, and to combine this with clear forms, melodies and rhythms." All eight little pieces are ideal for recitals. The book also contains special suggestions for practice and improvisation; working them out will enhance the interpretation of the pieces. The enclosed CD is intended as an aid for practicing at home.


1. Prelude

2. Tanzspiel mit Quinten

3. Berceuse

4. Stampftanz

5. Uff dem Anger

6. Auf dem Eis

7. Auf dem Wasser

8. Sur le pont?




Score Pages: 24

2nd Violin Part Pages: 11

Language: German

Publisher: Breitkopf & Härtel