SOUNDSATION WSS-08 Black Speaker Wall Stand


Wall mount speaker stand with inclination adjustment pin

WSS-08 is an essential tool to install speakers in several situations: bars, restourants, school, conference room, etc. Sturdy and stable, it's built in metal and it comes with 4 wall fixing points in order to guarantee best stability. Speaker can be directed through the horizontal juction, while inclination can be adjusted in 3 different positions.

  • Fully built in metal material
  • 35mm pole mount
  • 4 wall fixing point with included screws
  • 180° horizontal adjustment for optimal direction
  • Inclination can be adjusted in 3 different position with safety pin


  • Load capacity: 50 Kg
  • Horizontal directivity: 180°
  • Inclination: from 0° to -45° in 3 positions
  • Horizontal distance of fixing holes: 104 mm
  • Vertical distance of fixing holes: 160 mm
  • Plate dimension (LxH): 120 x 180mm
  • Total lenght: 300 mm
  • Pole mount dimensions: (ΨxH): 35 x 120 mm