BOSS OC-20G Poly Octave Dual Pedal

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The OC-20G Poly Octave produces octaves for various combinations of strings (like the 5th and 6th strings) while leaving the other four strings unprocessed, making it the ultimate octave pedal for use with GK-ready guitars.


  • World’s first polyphonic octave pedal for use with GK-equipped guitars
  • Octaves can be assigned to different strings for simulated guitar/bass combos
  • Onboard electric and acoustic guitar simulations, plus Distortion effect
  • Accommodates playing chords while using octaves
  • Rugged, dual-pedal design with simple, knob-based controls
  • *Note that optional GK-2AH pickup or equivalent required for use.


More Information
TypeGK Multi Effect
Type of FunctionOctaver
Type of usageElectric Guitar
Nominal Input Level-
Nominal Output Level-
Input Impedance-
Recommended Load Impedance-
Output Impedance-
Current Draw-
Power Supply-