J.S. Bach - Γαλλικές Σουΐτες

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The six small "French Suites" (himself Bach simply called them "Suites pour le clavecin" survived until today in two autograph manuscripts by Bach of which the first is the main content of the first booklet for piano for Anna Magdalena Bach (1722), while the second (undated) came to us from the legacy of Friedemann. A third major source is a copy of Johann Nikolaus GerberBach's student in piano (1725-1726), where a series of small improvements done probably by the same Bach. In addition to the second book of Anna Magdalena (1725) also included the first suite and the second Sarabande and other copies of the cycle of Bach's students.


  • Suite I (BWV 812)
  • Suite II (BWV 813)
  • Suite III (BWV 814)
  • Suite IV (BWV 815)
  • Suite V (BWV 816)
  • Suite VI (BWV 817)



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