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Stollas Beethoven - Piano Sonatas Vol. II Book for Piano

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Stollas SKU: Beethoven - Σονάτες Πιάνου Τόμος 2

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Cloth-Bound Edition


In presenting this new edition of Ludwig van Beethoven's "Piano Sonatas", this main objectiv  in mind has been to combine research, based on aythentic sources of revision, with the experience of international concert practice and established academic principles.

All existing material has been subjected to examination with the original manuscripts (as far as these have been preserved),  as well as first editions and early editions of vital significance.

The style of engracing used has been adopted from practical angle of consideration, the layout of the notation conforming essentially with the manuscripts and first editions as far as this is in keeping with the musical context.

The technical aspect of the edition includes a revised system of fingering, the original Beethoven fingering being reproduced in italics.

The Sonatas contained in this second volume are:


  • 16th Sonata: Op.31, No 1 (1801-1802)
  • 17th Sonata: Op.31, No 2 (1801-1802)
  • 18th Sonata: Op.31, No 3 (1801-1802)
  • 19th Sonata: Op.49 No 1 (1795-1798)
  • 20th Sonata: Op.49 No 2 (1795-1796)
  • 21st Sonata: Op.53 (1803-1804)
  • 22nd Sonata: Op.54 (1804)
  • 23rd Sonata: Op.57 (1804-1805)
  • 24th Sonata: Op.78 (1809)
  • 25th Sonatina: Op.79 (1809)
  • 26th Sonata: Op.81a (1809-1810)
  • 27th Sonata: Op.90 (1814)
  • 28th Sonata: Op.101 (1816)
  • 29th Sonata: Op.106 (1817-1818)
  • 30th Sonata: Op.109 (1820)
  • 31st Sonata: Op.110 (1821)
  • 32nd Sonata: Op.111 (1822)



Pages: 332
Language: Greek/ English
Publisher: Music Melody Makers



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Stollas Beethoven - Piano Sonatas Vol. II Book for Piano